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The Secular Bohemian

Navigating a secular reality with a Bohemian Twist.

I’ve always been drawn to the inner peace of spiritual practice, primarily meditation and yoga. I’ve investigated Buddhism, Wicca, Astrology, and Christianity, but my practical,  skeptical side always wins.
Now, as a secular humanist, I still explore finding inner peace through “spiritual” practice while never leaving reality. I say take what works and what I enjoy, and leave out all the magical supernatural stuff. After all, science is still discovering the power of the mind.

Disturbing the Universe

“Do I dare disturb the universe?” TS Eliot once asked, and I respond, “Yes, thank you, I will.” This blog is my eclectic collection of thoughts on everything from the meaning of life, theology, and philosophy to issues in the education system, family relationships, and book reviews. The essence of “disturbing the universe” is to confront the difficult questions boldly, the issues that many avoid in polite company.



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